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The Nurtured Child

Family day care in Long jetty, NSW


Mumma, we know what it feels like to need a break. Being a good mother doesn’t mean you have to be ON all the time. You deserve a little time out so you can be the mother you want to be! 

Wether it be because your a working mum, studying or you need a couple of days off

I am here for you!



Embraced Family Daycare is in the heart of long jetty and offers care for children 6weeks to 6yrs old. 

Spaces are extremely limited

Hours of operation are 6am – 6:00pm Tuesday – Friday 

Why family Daycare? 

Are you thinking about returning to work or need some time to yourself to rest and recharge?

Feeling overwhelmed about finding quality care for your little one?

Maybe you’ve been to visit a few daycare centres, but something just isn’t sitting right and thinking there must be another option?

I am here to tell you there is and

You are completely supported

Family Day Care is an excellent transition from the home environment and one that your children will thrive in!

I know that the demands of family can be a difficult one to juggle which is why Embraced Motherhood is expanding and offering this amazing service.

Why FDC?