Our values and philosophy

The Early Years Learning Framework has a specific emphasis on play based learning and there is good reason for this! Learning through play is the most effective and fun way for our children to grow and develop :)

‘A context for learning through
which children organise and make
sense of their social worlds, as
they engage actively with people,
objects and representations’
(DEEWR, 2009, p. 46).

I like to draw my inspiration from numerous places but one that I think fits our family and our lives very well is the Rudolf Steiner approach.

The Steiner approach focus on: experiential learning, making, doing, creating, producing, learning based on what’s relevant and appropriate to the student’s stage of Development.


In Early Childhood the Steiner philosophy aims to create a nurturing environment involving natural play materials, the outdoor environment and vegetable gardens. We will be creating our vegetable gardens with the children as an ongoing process. Young children learn to cook, paint, sew, garden and use tools. They explore their environment, learning sharing, cooperation and social skills. Young children are given the time to play, enjoy childhood and build strong foundation skills before formal academic learning begins.

Doing this in a home environment really fosters their sense of security which is so important for their belonging and emotional development.

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