Your birth and your story is important!

In our society there is a lot of emphasis on how the baby is doing or how the kids are. However a lot of times the mother is left to pick up the pieces after a traumatic or less than ideal birth. She is often left wondering WTF just happened and she may even think that this is the norm.

Last week I had the absolute honour of interviewing Nicole Tricarico about this exact subject.

Nicole is the owner of Your Birth Support and works with women on a deeper level to work through their birth experience.

I loved speaking with her so much I even booked in a session with her!

View our chat here 🙂

If you loved what Nicole had to say and want to know more about my session with her, let me tell you it was so much more than I had expected! I have tried a lot of different things to help heal my birth trauma, but this session really stood out for me!

What Nicole did was, rather than ask me to go over my story in the normal way (or the way I would usually tell it), Nicole encouraged me to zone in on the most pivotal moment, the one that stood out the most for me. This was very interesting as it wasn’t necessarily what I thought it would be!

It felt uncomfortable and I was a bit like “ahhh I don’t know” however…

Once we really dug deep, Nicole and I uncovered that I had this feeling of worthlessness which I now carry through me throughout my life! Isn’t that awful?? True, but awful. I do not want to feel worthless and like no body cares about me!

Rather than leave it at that, Nicole has given me the task of instead of telling myself “I am not important” I am going to replace that negative self talk with “I am doing my best”.

This has been really helpful for me as I am starting to notice all the area’s of my life which I have been thinking that I am not good enough or not important enough. I know it is not going to be an instantaneous change, but just acknowledging it was massive for me!

Can you believe all of this has stemmed from my birth experience? A lack of support during a very vulnerable time in my life has led to all of this? All of this self sabotage and negative thought patterns… and I know I am not the only one.

Something else that came up for me in our session was my inability to speak up. Feeling disempowered during my labour has led me to avoid speaking my mind, even when I am so passionate about so many different things. I bite my tongue and believe no one wants to hear what I have to say! WHYYYYY!

So even though I am angry that this has to even be an issue, I am sharing everything I have experienced because I know that soooo many of you feel the same and have had similar experiences.

If, like me you have some work to do in uncovering some hidden blockages and would like to work with Nicole or check out her services do not hesitate to hop on over to the Your Birth Support website! 

Maybe you just want someone to chat with? We are always here to listen! You can connect with us through our Facebook page 🙂