As you may already know, Emma and I have been working very diligently on creating a special online program for you called the Mindful Mums Program. It is quite involved and includes a number of different components as we want you to notice changes and get results from our first ever online course! This has been a massive learning curve for us, as we have never done anything like this before! So, you can imagine the chaos going on right now, right?

What this means, however, is a lot of extra work (and stress) for two already very busy mums.

As the program is largely about helping mummas, just like you, find the joy in their lives again and live to their full potential, we decided we’d better start practicing what we preach! And, instead of getting stuck in overwhelm, take steps in simplifying our lives.

The power of NO

Emma did a video on this exact topic on the weekend to share with us all how she has used the power of NO in her life in order to calm the chaos. To watch that video and find out what steps Emma took click here.

Basically it is all about saying no to the things in your life that no longer serve you. For Emma it was to take a break from Uni. Although she still wants to finish her degree, the study was interfering with all the other things she wanted to get done in the short term.  She also said a big fat no to some extra contracting work she was doing for another businesses. It did not fit in with her values or sole purpose so she said no to that as well. I can tell what a huge difference it has made already. Emma is so much more clear on the things she needs to get done and it no longer seems like a constant hustle. Can anyone else relate to this?

Taking notice of physical symptoms

Both Emma and I got really sick with the flu within about a week of one another. This was no coincidence. We were both running ourselves into the ground and were so stressed with everything we were trying to fit into our lives. Getting sick forced the both of us to stop, slow down and reflect on everything. We decided we needed to take some serious action!

Taking notice of the physical symptoms is so important as a mum, as sometimes we are literally so busy that we do not even realise what our bodies are trying to tell us! Being pregnant, I find this is true even more so! I am quite aware of the impact that stress has on my growing baby so being in tune with my body is so important!

Simplifying your life

One of the actions I have decided to take is to TRY to simplify my life, in order to calm some of the chaos in my head. It is not that my life is busier than anyone else’s but for some reason I find it really hard to stop my thoughts from just turning into a big ball of overwhelm! The baby brain doesn’t help either!

So how I am doing this is by using my planner (which you can find here) in a very strategic way.

I used to to just brain-dump everything I had to do at the beginning of every day. This left me with a list of about 20 things to do each day and no order of importance. I would end up completing the not very important tasks and leaving the things I actually had to do … and then the cycle would continue the next day.

So, my new method is one I learnt from Anna Siebert in her 5 day challenge “be here now”  and that was to prioritise my tasks. So, on Sunday I wrote down everything I had swirling through my head – all the tasks I had to complete for the week and put them into four boxes. From here I allocated the tasks into days of the week. Looking at everything spread out during the week actually made things look much clearer. Instead of having a bundled web of to-do’s I needed to complete I now had a clear weekly plan!

WHY HAD I NEVER DONE THIS BEFORE?? I need to get myself a whiteboard and start implementing it every week! So, even though this add’s one more task to the start of the week, taking the time to do this huge brain dump and plan, saves a lot more time in the long run, trust me! No more laying in bed thinking about all the things on your plate for tomorrow because it’s already out of your head and on paper.

Getting rid of the physical clutter

This is one I have been meaning to do for a loooong time. Since I was really sick in the early stages of my pregnancy I have been looking around at the house and just feeling overwhelmed. Now that I am feeling better is the time to get it done! I am sick of looking at the abundance of mess and clutter around me. It really does have a huge impact on mindset.

Again, this may just seem like another task on my to-do list, but now that I have it all organised it doesn’t seem so bad. We are on school holidays at the moment so one task a day should do it! I am taking it one cupboard at a time and donating all of the things that do not serve us… who needs 5,000 towels anyway?

Have you ever noticed that after cleaning or organising your children’s rooms and toys they seem to go in and play more nicely? Like they are seeing it for the first time or in a new light? This is because they are exactly like us! Think about how much more productive you are once your house or office is organised? You start to see things a lot clearer and can just get stuck in to whatever it is you need to do!

So next time you decide to buy that new toy or that new top, think to yourself “do I really need this?” or “will it serve me?” you will be surprised how much this can actually impact your life.  The kids rooms are a good place to start and you will probably be surprised to find out how much nicer they play with minimal “stuff”.


Now that I have put all of that out there into the universe I better stick to my plan and get it all done! Don’t hesitate to hold me accountable!

If you’re picking up what we’re putting down and want to join in our webinar on Thursday night don’t forget to register here! We will be opening up pre-sale for our mindful mum’s course so this is something you do not want to miss!


Emma and I always love hearing from our beautiful, connected tribe so feel free to get in touch anytime byresponding to this email or contacting us through our Facebook page! 

Lots of love,

Christie xx