In the darkness of the night you slowly wake,

Look over and she’s sleeping soundly.

A few precious moments pass and she starts to stir.

Did she hear me?



Her mumma knows proudly,

That only she can tap into her intuition enough,

to know when it’s time.

Time to release the oxytocin

Time to nourish her baby

Time to do what her body knows how to do best.

Squish starts to nuzzle,

Starts to move her head.

You begin the late night dance,

That only the two of you can do just right.

It’ what you know how to do best.

She attaches,

And you breathe a sigh of relief.

The two of you drift off to sleep,


Intertwined and connected in every way.

With all her needs met all in one place,

She feels safe and so secure.

You awaken once last time,

look over to see her body still next to yours,

and let your heart be happy.